I didn’t fall off the planet

I can’t believe it has been a year to date since I left for Australia. Holy shit. WHAT?! How did that even happen? What the fuck time?!! Well what a year it has been…its like New Years in July! I have been so many places and done so many things (and by things I mean boys. KIDDING. sort of).
In the last seven months I have had a very merry sick-mas as I dubbed it, started my last semester of college (for now), saw WALK OFF THE EARTH…can’t stress that one enough, swam in Dolphin Stadium at SeaWorld (didn’t get the job but I’ll try again next year), threw up after a concert…and I was doing so well dammit!, saw Ed Sheeranàfeel free to marry me, GRADUATED, got awkwardly dismissed from a job that I apparently didn’t have but worked for the place for 5 years, started working as a waterfront lifeguard and I’m the boss bitch, finally made it back to the ocean..not nearly the same as Surfers Paradise, and World Cup anyone?! I want to bake cupcakes for Tim Howard and Brazil...that game was rough.
Did I forget to mention AFRICA? Oh yeah cause that is happening too. I applied for and received an internship working in Africa researching giraffes so that’s pretty awesome! I tentatively leave this fall…if I don’t get another internship in BERMUDA training DOLPHINS!! Yes you read that correctly. As much as I am ready to go to Africa I really want to work with dolphins so if I go to Bermuda, Africa will come just after!
           I probably have so much more to fill in the blanks but time is a bitch and my brain can only hold so much new crap to go along with the shit-ton of movie quotes, song lyrics, and random facts that it currently contains. I will try to be better and keep up with my blerbs on life because I spit some pretty soliloqueal? (I think I just made that word up) gems! Night fools!!


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